The Compassion Method™: Master Course is your pathway to awareness, comfort, and discovery.

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The Compassion Method™: Master Course is your pathway to awareness, comfort, and discovery.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Compassion Method™️ is a proven process that teaches you how to comfort emotional pain and to discover your “true” self. This process can be best explained using three words:

Awareness. Comfort. Discovery.


Many suffer the consequences of emotional pain, such as anxiety, depression, and irritability, but are unaware that they are even hurting. The Compassion Method™️ enables people to see their pain and this allows the healing process to begin.


When our tooth is hurting, we know to go to the dentist. But what about when our heart is hurting? Taking care of emotional pain is not something that many of us have been taught. This process teaches you how to apply compassion to your pain and also how to get your needs met.


Because we are hurting, our behavior often doesn’t match our identity. When our pain is running the show, we simply do not act like ourselves. As our pain is comforted and as our needs are met we can begin to discover who we truly are.



Module 1

The Triggered Self

Goal of Compassion Method: Not to fix, but to reunite with True Self. Learn the truth about triggers, and how to use The Remote Control Exercise to care for the wounds that cause us to trigger.


Module 2

The Child Self

Our primary purpose in reconnecting to our child self is discovery. Learning how to get to know your child self leads to loving your child self, and that love heals our pain.


Module 3

The 10 Gifts

The 10 Gifts centers around our unmet emotional needs. Learn The 10 Gifts that may not have been given to us by our parents, and experience the privilege of going back and receiving The Gifts.


Module 4

Self Compassion

Learn the true power of self compassion, and how it paves the way for true, sustainable emotional health, and true joy. Practice the art of self compassion.


Module 5

Shame and Blame

Learn the connection between shame and the root of our pain/unmnet need. Walk through The Compassion Method as it heals our shame.


Module 6

True Self

The ultimate coming home. Learn to recognize and apply true, positive triggers. To live from your True Self is truly heaven on earth.

Laura Duncan

Laura is the founder of the Compassion Method™. Laura Duncan Consulting was launched in 2014 out of widespread demand for Laura’s unique ability to lead people through the process of pain to life-giving freedom using the Compassion Method™️. She is able to connect individuals to their hearts and belief systems in order to create a flow of empathy that recreates brain pathways and brings healing to decades-old traumas and habits.

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